Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With New Entry Doors From OGD

Whether your home is a classic ranch, a contemporary masterpiece or a luxurious mansion, OGD offers front doors that will suit any style of architecture. Your entry door is a key component of your home’s curb appeal and should reflect your personality.

Our entry doors are made to withstand the harsh Texas climate. They are strong, durable and easy to maintain.

Curb Appeal

Your front doors are one of the first things visitors notice about your home. They’re the main entryway through which you greet guests and can convey your personal style, so it makes sense to want them to leave a positive impression. Whether you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal for a sale or simply improve its aesthetic, front door replacement is a great way to accomplish both goals.

With so many architectural styles throughout the Fort Worth area, it’s important to choose a front door that complements your property. Fortunately, our variety of exterior door designs can do just that. From solid wood doors to those with sidelights and transoms, there’s something to suit any aesthetic.

In addition to being beautiful, our entry doors offer superior durability and energy efficiency. These benefits can help your home stand out among the competition and increase its value over time. As a result, front door replacement is consistently ranked as one of the top remodeling projects for return on investment.


Security is an important consideration for many homeowners. Besides the basic doorknob lock, other security mechanisms can be added to an entryway. A professional locksmith can advise on the best protection equipment to use for your doors.

The Horton Automatics Visdom ELITE security revolving door system has been designed to prevent unauthorized access by incorporating cutting-edge sensor technology with biometric or carded entry and free exit for authorized personnel. It is also available with a bullet-resistant glass and 3D anti-piggybacking/anti-tailgating sensors.

Fiberglass entry doors are a durable choice for Texas homes because they can withstand severe weather and require little maintenance. They are also easy to customize with paint or stain to match your home’s unique aesthetic. The insulated core helps reduce energy loss and the tab-and-slot mechanical interlocking provides increased rigidity and structural integrity. These features will help your doors stand up to the rigors of a humid climate. These are ideal for the large variety of architectural styles found in Fort Worth.

Energy Efficiency

When homeowners invest in new exterior doors, they often focus on style and function, but energy efficiency is an important aspect to consider. Having underinsulated or improperly sealed entry doors allows heat to escape, increasing heating and cooling costs. By installing doors with Low-E glass, you can reduce energy consumption without compromising on aesthetics.

Our front door replacement specialists are proud to offer energy-efficient options that will help you save money while enhancing the comfort of your home. These high-performance doors feature a polyurethane core for increased insulation and are framed with steel to increase strength and durability. Their solid-wood laminated stiles and rot-resistant fiberglass door faces withstand weather, wear, and tear and won’t warp or crack.

For an additional layer of protection, our Embarq fiberglass doors have been thickened from the usual 1 3/4” to 2 1/2”, providing a superior barrier against drafts and energy leaks. They also include a dual perimeter sweep and an insulating sill, which further minimizes energy loss.


In a city that has a variety of architectural styles, homeowners can find front doors to suit their aesthetic. Whether they want a solid-color door or one with sidelights and a transom, there is a style to match their needs. These doors can make a statement and add to the curb appeal of their home.

The garage doors of Fort Worth homes need to be in good working order to protect cars and valuables. Whether a garage door sensor is out of alignment or the opener is not working, homeowners should contact a Fort Worth emergency repair company.

Alpha & Omega Door Company caters to residential and commercial clients with garage door services and repairs. Its technicians can handle various issues like broken springs and motors, faulty sensors, and jammed tracks. They can also lubricate the components and align them to prevent further damage. The business also offers maintenance packages to keep garage doors in top condition.